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University Addresses Safety Concerns

The most recent concern with campus safety was raised by an email sent to the student body last week, recounting an event that occurred on the evening of January 28, around 8:45 pm. 
 The email reported that an unknown male approached a graduate student in the nursing wing parking lot at this time, attempting to take her backpack with force. 

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The Importance of Film Preservation: Part Two

    Last week, I wrote a tragedy: the fact that there are no complete restorations of the original “Star Wars” films and the fact that they might have been permanently altered when being dubiously remastered.

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No. 9 Saint Xavier Continues Climb Up Rankings; Keeps Winning

    The No. 9 ranked Saint Xavier University men’s basketball squad continues to win as their winning streak has hit 13 consecutive games after two more wins this past week. SXU was ranked No. 12 in the nation, but their winning streak has propelled them into the top 10.

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The Must-Read Manga List: Love is in the Air

These couples seem to have been drawn together...literally.

I was trying to decide what to write for this week. It was difficult thinking of something Valentine’s Day or love related that we have not already covered in this issue or the previous issue.

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The Inkwell

A Cry in the Night

By: Becki Brown

I heard a cry in the night,
Not of pain, not of joy, not of fear
Just a cry

There was not a soul in sight
Not a breath or footstep I could hear
Just a cry

I tried to figure the source with all my might
I did not know if it was far or near
Just a cry